Marco Tulio Dueñas

Indie developer & freelancer

I'm a brazilian technology enthusiast who likes to make projects that means something to me. Currently I'm taking a look at the A.I area, still haven't made anything outside the Jupyter Notebook but it is a enjoyable experience.



Linux, Shell script


Java, Mobile


JavaScript, Web App

My journey

2020 First "Hello World"

I tried programming some years before but I never took it seriously, in 2020 I've decided that I would learn how to program at least in one language, but instead of focusing my energy in Python I've starded hopping between languages...

2021 Linux

In late 2020 I've started using Linux as my main OS but it was in 2021 that I've started learning about the FOSS system. Learned how to use the terminal, Vim, Latex and other minimal tools.
Besides that, I've made my first freelance project as a front-end dev, the project was a landing page for a coach.

2022 FOSS development

After learning Linux for a while, I've started my own FOSS projects using Go and Shell Script and did a school presentation about Free Software and how they're important.

2023 A.I?

As I said, I'm trying to learn about A.I using the Jupyter Notebook, Tensorflow, SkLearn and other tools. Besides that I'm trying to improve my programming skills in various perspectives.